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Confession 10 – Lost Love?

In Confessions on April 8, 2010 at 11:20 PM

Im in love with this boy. madly, completly, head over heals in love.

one problem: he loves someone else. Another problem: that girl is one of my close friends.

This boy is with me in school, the girl is not. The boy and I share a class and i have a sense of feeling that maybe.. just maybe he has slight feelings for me. He asks about me all the time, texts me whenever he can, gets jealous of the other boys that are interested in me, and so on…

All i keep thinking is, how come its her and not me? Shes the snobby type, she acts older than her age and she has no personality (I say this because she is known for these flaws.. i am not being bias)

Should i fight for him? Or realize that if hes doing that to her, maybe hes not a good guy after all..

I cant sleep/eat/breathe without thinking about him, he is always on my mind.. i feel so stupid for falling for him but i cant help it.

Hes everything i ever wanted.
but hes hers.

  1. In this situation there are only 2 things you can do.

    1. Go to him and tell him. Let it all out. Let him know that you are in love with him and that you want to be with him. If it is love, then it will be destiny that you will be together. Of course your friendship with the other girl is going to be destroyed, but there’s always a price to pay.

    2. Face the fact that it will never happen. Try to move on. I know it’s hard, I’ve been in a similar situation. But I moved on.. and it feels so much better that I have. Look for another boy and try to get a new boyfriend. You may think back on how you wanted to be with him, but let yourself know that it was not meant to be.

  2. tell him! he deserves to know! be is obviously in love with u , but probably cant get rid of the his snobby gf because she might do mean things ( rumors , scream and whatever) or maybe he doesnt wanna hurt her feelings .
    u should tell him , or just hint or say a joke about that maybe he likes u , see his reaction .
    i hope everything works out for u .

  3. If he likes you or have a feeling for you he is the one that should act and end his relationship with the other girl. Do not show your feeling and make sure that he understand that nuthing going to happen between you as long as he is with the other girl. Do not be weak of he will think he can have both of you and start playin “I’ll leave her for u” and never do. And you don’t want to be in that situation so be smart.

  4. u have to knoe some thing ( il shbab bilthat 3ndina bl q8 lma ys’aal 3anich aw he txts mu m3nata he cares at all ’79o9an lma yshof inich u care about him and u txt back they understand even if u try not to show they aren’t Fools , if he loves u he will do something and if he don’t that means he dose not care !! spare the imbursment).

  5. Don’t go for it…ur gonna lose ur friend over a GUY believe me this relationship will not last ( with the guy)…there a lot of fish in the see…no hes not keeping the guys away from you because he likes u..hes just trying to play u both its like a guy dream to have two friends fight over him…best thing to do is move on meet someone else..don’t get used to liking things/people that don’t belong to you…let it go

  6. I say try your hardest to move one. I have a friend who’s a guy and he’s having the same situation your having with two other girls, who are close friends. so one of the girls kind of relates to the problem your having. I hate to say this, even though I’m a guy myself.. all guys love having two girls wanting them. the only reason he’s texting you and “acting jealous” when other guys are attracted to you is because he wants you to still hang on, not because he has feelings for you but because he loves the feeling of having u around him even though you know he’s involved or likes someone else. I know its hard trusting some random comment but my friend who’s in this situation, basically says he just loves her hanging on to him (the feeling of having another girl wanting a guy, knowing the fact his a relationship with someone else). And I hate my friends for doing this.
    Trust me, try to move one sooner or later it will happen and you’ll be a much stronger person and definitely happier. No one will regret it except you. Try your hardest. Hope everything turns out for the better. good luck!

  7. u arnt serious are u? fighting for a boy thats going to leave u sooner or later?

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