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Confession 5- Taking it Away

In Confessions on April 7, 2010 at 6:40 AM

Many people think I’m a slut but they don’t know my story. The first time I lost my virginity was to the boy I was in love with. He made me feel that I was the only woman in the world and we would be together forever. There was no one who treated me like a queen the way he did. He told me that because he’s a boy he has needs. Because I loved him and he would soon be my husband I slept with him. Then he stopped answering the phone and ripped me out of his life. It hurts so much when the one person who means the world to you hurts you like that. So, today I sleep with as many boys as i can. Not because I’m a slut. This is my way of getting back at him, because every man I sleep with he will be getting the bad deeds for it since he took away my virginity.

  1. You should stop sleeping with as many guys as you can as soon as possible. What happened with your first boyfriend is not your fault. You did not do anything wrong. You are not to blame. That scum bag is the one to blame and he is a jackass. You owe him nothing and he owes you nothing.. so sleeping just to spite him is wrong.

    You lost your virginity with the person that you felt you were in love with, and that is a really really good reason for losing it. It’s actually the best reason. At least you’re smart and you decided to lose it with the person you love. I respect you for that.

    There is going to be a lot of boys who “shmooz” talk you. You have to filter out the ones who just want to put their **** somewhere and find the ones who will cherish and love you for who you are. I know it’s a tough battle, but eventually you will find someone.. everyone does.

  2. Holding a grudge is like swallowing poison and waiting for the other person to die.

    All you need is a real friend that will listen to you and not say anything, cry your heart out and heal yourself. If you enjoy the sex then by all means continue, but if you are only doing it to get back at him then you will have to do it for a long time and lose alot in the process.

    A girl like you only deserves the best, don’t let anyone call you a slut because you want to get back at someone. He is not worth all that heartache and he never will be.

  3. Now, you are a slut, period.

  4. What the hell is wrong with u do u think he is getting sins from u sleeping with other men,whatever he said to make you have sex with him doesn’t matter in the end you did it willingly.Also sleeping with as many boys as possible does make you a slut.

  5. That is the dumbest excuse i have ever heard! GROW UP!

  6. OK Woman…LISTEN YO dont sleep with other guys cus lets be honest..He only said those things to get in your pants Second..of all..sleeping with other..guys..to get him..back…YEA RIGHT LOL no its not gonna make him angry cus he only thinks ur a slut KK?? look if u rly wanna get him back find a real guy and dont sleep with him if he tells u "7abibi wala a7bich" o enty 7lwa o etc etc… i can say that..even if i was a gay guy ..its not rly hard..i say that to my mom to get some money or candy :SS So….. Gl

  7. believe it or not despite our ‘islamic culture’ 50 percent of the kwti grls not arent virgins so dont kill urself over this. The guy is a bastard, let it go and continue ur life without any regrets. You arent a slut for sleeping with the guy you love. And this might backfire on you with disease? so just be careful, because that would be the worst.

  8. Interesting tactic. Another way to get revenge is to tell him that he was not your first, and that you had AIDS at the time you slept with him. By the time he gets himself tested, and until he gets the results, his life will be a living hell. You then may revert back to your previous tactic, although doing so is highly inadvisable, as you end up with a STD yourself.

  9. Sleeping with as many guys as possible will make him think ‘Thank God i didn’t end up falling in love with that slut’, if that is your way of getting back at him then your are bringing a bigger smile to his face. Now, to avoid being a slut, a reputation you have physically gained by smiling with spread legs, you simply HALT CEASE STOP DISCONTINUE sleeping with other guys, i only hope the person that falls for you and loves you that wants to marry you for who you are knows about your filthy past and accepts it instead of being surprised from day one noticing you are awkwardly professional when it comes to positioning. Sleeping with other guys not only rains sins, although i might add the guy that lost you your virginity most likely gets sins too for it because he was the one that opened the pandora’s box, but this is no way seeking vengeance, you are basically harming yourself and not harming him at all. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM INTERCOURSE, please. Be what you are and who you are without sex, and one day you’ll end up with the person that complete’s you and accepts you.

  10. What you’re doing won’t hurt him at all if he’s got no feelings whatsoever for you.

    Like the above posters have said, it’ll just make him be grateful for not sticking around.

    As for sleeping around, I hope you’re up to date with your sex education and know how to avoid STDs as most men in Kuwait go to Thailand and sleep with few prostitutes there possibly contracting HIV from them.

    Also sleeping around might ruin your chances in the future and your reputation for any potential new husbands.

    But then again, society is changing, you’re not the only one who sleeps around.

    So the above posters, SHUT THE ELF UP about not having sex, just cuz you ain’t getting a piece of that meat you’re moaning? STFU for real.

    • “So the above posters, SHUT THE ELF UP about not having sex, just cuz you ain’t getting a piece of that meat you’re moaning? STFU for real.”

      3ash bo LOLo !! mashalla you reek wisdom !

      • ee walla maleet min hal shilla ele kilwa7id emsaweely nafsa rayal seeda o 6ayi7 zaf eb hal banat, laman etyeela wa7da and winks at him 9ar 5aroof.

  11. My love,
    You are not the only person in this situation..
    And trust me, there are people in situations much worse as far as having their virginity taken from them without their wanting or choosing..
    YOU chose this, you were in “love” and YOU chose to have sex with this guy. Yes, it was horrible of him to tell you these things and manipulate you to get what he wanted, but his own judgement will come.
    You got lied to, you let yourself be tricked and believe this guy’s lie, and maybe your sleeping with many guys is not you trying to hurt him, but justify your losing your virginity before you were married to yourself..
    Whatever the true underlying reason is, you are only hurting youself. There are a million guys like him out there, so stop letting yourself be lied to, by these guys, and by your own mind, that tells you love with be goo-goo-gah-gah like it is in the movies.. because that is NOT love, that is LUST, and that will keep revolving this door for you.

    God bless

  12. YOU CHOSE TO HAVE SEX , you chose revenge later .
    sleeping with more guys isnt gonna make things better , and definatly wont make him feel sorry , just pitiful!
    seriously , u need to pull ur life together ! u may not be a slut but ur acting like one and guess what ?THAT MAKES U ONE!
    so u got lied to , tricked , but doing this is just gonna make people feel sorry for u and it isnt doing u any good.
    u might not see this but : HE TOOK UR LIFE! look at u ! ur fooling around having sex with strangers not caring about anyone! ur doing exactly what he’s doing! thats not revenge , thats help!ur helping to spread more people like him , ur not doing anybody any good!pull ur life together the way it used to be! that would be revenge! u not caring what he did is revenge! not repeating his actions!

  13. if u willingly accepted haveing sex with the person u love i dont think its such a bad thing but if u neglect them in other ways and just giving him attention when i u or he wants sex both of u where wrong t start ur relation ship in the first place

  14. Thats just an excuse to get more of what you enjoyed with the first guy. U r just making your experience richer and learning day by day. Be aware that there are always positive and negative aspects of such new experiences.

  15. Honny I think deep in side u r doing what u r doing just to release ur anger , what he did to is so not wrong but what u r doing now is even worse !! One day wen what u r doing gets on u nd cause problems that will damage u even more nd u will blame him nd ur self 4 it ,, as for the fools that are telling her that YOU chose to have sex with this guy well apparently u have never ben in love !!if u love some one wen u r with him ur mined gose blind !! She was thinking that he deserve it how could she tell ! Its totally his fault he is an ass ,, as on 4 u 7abebti forget him nd love some one than cares for u no sex until u r sure that he is with u cose he loves u not for the sex only ….

    • First of all , I would like to thank you for participating
      But I would like to mention that please, Try to be more educated by choosing the right words instead of As*

      Second , I really hope that you type the right words so people can understand a SINGLE word of what you are saying

      Thank you.

  16. What he did is so wrong *

  17. As for your subject , What I really think that your fooling around your self , Because I think you are old enough to know the consequences of sleeping with your bf specially here in Kuwait. Anyways, So stop blaming it on him and start to have sex cuz u r just lying to ur self and what i think you got used to have sex every time so you blame it on him ,

    I hope this thing help you , so what i say cut this thing off and start your new life


  18. Dnt delete my comment !!

    7bebtii, the only right thing u have wrote is that ppl call u a bitch, cuz honey u r !!! What u did was something u wonted and got used to it, it’s totally ur fault and I dnt sympathize with u even the slightest bit, 7ubi ohwa ma6agich 3la eedich w galich namay m3ay, w ham mathin ina galich ro7ay lifay 3la kl shbab idera namay m3ahom, well guess what ?! Ppl like u ohma ili mshawhen 9orat bnat il kwet w m5alen inas yshofon bnatna 3la asas inhom zbala !!!, w BTW isy2at kilhhaaa 7agich so ng3eha w shrbay mayha 😀

    Ma5lach tsawen chthe ila ’63f iden + 3dam il trbiyaa , alllaaaa yhdech inshalla w tfhmen shga3da tsawen !!

  19. i think you should become very depressed over this and jump off the liberation tower so he can be punished for taking your life away..
    he didnt take your virginity, you gave it to him. be responsible for your actions..
    admitting you’re an alchoholic is the first step to recovery.. oh wait wrong subject… but you catch my drift?

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