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Confession 4 – Sister’s Boyfriend!

In Confessions on April 7, 2010 at 6:30 AM

I don’t know why but I hate seeing my sister happy with her boyfriend. It makes me feel worst about being alone. So, one day I called him and asked him if we could talk and he invited me over. When I got there I started getting close to him slowly. I put my hand on his lap and when he looked at me I kissed him. We spent the night in his dewaneeya. My sister still doesn’t know what happened and they’re still together. I don’t know what’s worst the fact that I spent the night with my sisters boyfriend or that I don’t feel bad about it…

  1. I think the best thing for you to do is to tell your sister. Then seek psychological help. That’s really fucked up what you did.. and you did it out of spite and jealousy. You really need to look inside yourself as a human being.

  2. Its normal to do something and not feel bad about it. After all he didn’t stop you and he didn’t tell your sister either, so he doesn’t feel bad about it.

    I am sorry that you feel that way and I really hope that one day you find someone that makes you feel happy on the inside so that you don’t have to be jealous of your sister.

    Just smile, move forward and hope for the best.

    • What ? Don’t smile and move forward . Ask for help . Being alone sucks but it’s not an excuse . U don’t feel bad coz ur still jeolous of her


  4. wow, the amount of slutness emerging because its anonymity.. i can’t keep up with you guys!

    If you don’t feel bad then you have no feelings for your sister. You will however feel regret when he marries your sister and you knowingly he will cheat on her on any given opportunity since you witnessed that first hand, rather first mouth and you’ve done nothing about it. I suggest you confess for your sisters sake, admit your slutty move and regret it, then move on by gulping lots of baskin robbins ice cream with sorrow.

  5. Congrats, you just proved how of a SLUT you are 🙂

  6. Although I dont agree with posts like “you should commit suicide”

    I really think you should not let this guy get too serious with your sister. Afterall, he did cheat on her.

  7. I don’t think you should tell your sister, she won’t forgive you and she will hate you forever. You need to get your own life and step out of hers. You are destroying yourself by jealousy.

  8. oh my shitt , u did what ?!
    seriously , tell ur sis , why would she want to be with someone who can easily screw around with other girls?
    i bet ur not the only one he cheated on with ,he might be cheating with other girls , do some investigation first , but dont get caught!

  9. Investigation that he’s cheating with other girls? Not necessary. One is enough. You need to get this person away from your sister. He’s clearly not that good of a boyfriend. Also, you should be more than ashamed for what you did. This shows how much you care about your sister, not very much at all. Good job.

  10. Obiviously keep it to urself n take this secret to ur grave! Abt the guy, I can give u in writing, his n ur sisters relationship won’t last, after all guilt is looming at his side as well, so wait n watch. Meanwhile don’t ruin ur relationship with ur sister. Trust me it’s very common to like ur sibling’s date, but don’t do it again, as it will reflect an inferiority complex on your side n affect u in ur future relationship with anyone. Be aware n act.

  11. You’re sick.

  12. i hate u i hope u die.. what a bitch !!! imagine ur sis does this to u?? u sick sick sick person .. i swear if i was ur sis i would kill u!!

    there was no profanity or anything of such nature!
    you cant go commie on me mr. censor dude…

  14. one word [ 7 A 8 E R A ] .

  15. pink rose i like ur one word style.. 😀

  16. Great post. I find the difficulties and enjoyment of meeting your siblings’ boyfriends or girlfriends to be fascinating. It seems there’s always growing pains whether you like them or not, but it’s much more difficult when you don’t. I’d love to read more on this topic.

    I recently read this blog that I thought added some insight into the issue and was enjoyable: http://burisonthecouch.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/family-member-dating/

    I’d love to see more like it. Thanks!

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