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Confession 2- Wrong MSG!

In Confessions on April 6, 2010 at 7:49 AM

This might be experienced by some of you. I am cheating on my GF, however, the one I am cheating on also thinks she’s my GF, get it? So technically no one of those two knows about the other, BUT they both know each other! Well, I was very smart, I sent a message telling how GREAT last night was giving in every possible elaborate detail, I threw in her name too. Guess what? That message went to the other girl I am with, then they both knew I was screwing around with both of them (after a week or so.) This was the worst thing that EVER happened to me, I feel HORRIBLE, I cant even explain how this felt! It feels a little better throwing it out though :/ thanks for this, I found this place randomly.

Thank YOU and thanks to GOOGLE!

  1. You deserve to be caught and you don’t deserve not even a single girlfriend.

  2. You made a mistake, and you got caught lying. I am glad you learned a lesson from it, you are young and you will make many mistakes in your life so always remember the lessons that you get from them and never listen to negative comments like the one above. After all if God himself will wait until Judgement day to judge people, who on earth has the right to judge you now?

  3. a typical stereotyped guy in kuwait proving guys here do vary in gf’s let alone commit the sinful sin.

    Well, i don’t even know where to start, but clearly you screwed yourself over. You won’t be getting neither of them that is for granted, unless they are emotionally insecure and you take a solid grip of that advantage, which i wouldn’t recommend. What i do recommend you stop objectifying woman, they are not objects, well atleast not all of them, and GET MARRIED. Ester 3ala nafsek yer7am waldaik, find a good girl from a good family and start from there, atleast then you’ll enjoy everything with no sins applied. DO NOT CHEAT ON HER.

  4. stop being a liar , im a girl, and trust me , if one of us gets cheated on , the rumor will spread and soon the name of the guy will be the chat of the school and so on.
    cheating on 2 girls that know each other ? bad move …….

  5. @ the truth? are u serious telling him to get married he feels bad for gettin caught not for bein a player…
    my advice for u buddy: find a hot chick that will make u forget them and life goes on. you know ur not a good person deep down inside so dont act like ur feeling remorse.
    like I said 2 a friend..
    “keep on f@#$in as long as they keep on cummin”
    ^^ im gonna go to hell for that..

  6. u 2, one word [ 7 A 8 E R ].

    w btw bnat idera mu li3ba, ili matrtha 3la e5tik la trtha 3la bnat inas !! u disgust me, and i’m sure u feel bad only cause you’ve lost bouth of them, so now u have no one to screw with !!

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