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Confession 1 – A Non-Sober Incident

In Confessions on April 6, 2010 at 7:42 AM

Okay, so I was in the chalet with some friends, I had very much to drink. What did I do? I called my mom and started saying nonsense which obviously showed that I wasn’t that much sober! I was screwed, I didn’t notice that until the second day when I saw “Mom” on the recent phone calls made. This sucked very much, she didn’t talk to me yet, not looking forward AT ALL.

Thanks for this, I threw A LOT out of my chest now.

  1. ur kidding right?? Drinking is okay now?? matkhaf rabbik?? allah yahdeeeek inshallah.

  2. Srsly…DRinking..is okay now ?? Matkhaf rabbik ?? no rly..come on stop the drinking if u want to go to heaven and not get whipped for ur punishement for drinking..thats what i heards gonna happen…..Anyway…stop drinking for real…and tell ur mom..that you did “bad” things before..and you stopped “tebt” allah yahdeek yarab gool ameen o nd5l el jena 😀 ❤

  3. i’m glad you threw alot of your chest out, i don’t get how you survived but good for you.

  4. *Warning: Sarcasm might make you explode*

    This is another reason why drinking is good for you!!!!! Keep drinking and keep screwing your life! 😀

  5. Ouch.. Best of luck to you. Thing is… Most probably your mum’s greatest concern is your safety. Make sure to talk with her and let her know that you are sorry you made her worry and if you intend to keep on drinking you can either lie to her by telling her you won’t so she stops worrying – or tell her when you will be drinking so she’ll feel safer (by making some deadlines for coming home or a deal about keeping in touch every hour or so, so she know’s you are okay….)

  6. ermmmmm, since when is drinking okay ?
    dude , pull ur life together , this is just screwing with people’s lives.

  7. i7na bl kuwait ?! ;/

  8. dude tht was stupid.. u shud remember tht everytime u drink u shud shut ur phone and NOT call any1 ESPECIALLY ur mom.. depending on how much u drank u can tell her tht u were just tired? or make up sumthing.. if not then u might wanna do wat ‘relativelyspeaking’ said..


  9. damn i want some of what u had… so drunk u didnt realize u called ur mom hehe never got that blistered b4.. maybe coz i dont ddrink in kuwait.. regardless bullshit ur way out of it and its not a big deal (hopefully)…
    and to everybody whose commenting on the drinking… i bet you all have a relative that drinks with out you knowing..
    wake up and smell the jackson! 😛
    you guys should worry bout the kids that are overdosing on pills and heroin here in kuwait!!!

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